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Texas is in Andrew Murr's blood

Andrew Murr - an 8th generation Texan, descendant of a pioneering family of one of our brave defenders of the Alamo, and grandson of former Governor Coke R. Stevenson – Representative Murr comes from a long line of Texans committed to making our state a better place to live for future generations. Read more about State Representative Andrew Murr...

The 5th and 6th grade Junction Eagles took on the Llano Yellowjackets this morning in Junction. Eleven-year-old Coke Murr got a few chances to carry the ball! We’re proud of him and his teammates for playing hard and coming away with a victory today!

In the last session, I was one of the few Texas House members who voted in support of law enforcement every single time votes supporting officer discretion occurred on the House Floor. Today, I am proud to sign the #TexasBacksTheBlue pledge to oppose any efforts to defund our brave law enforcement officers. Knowing that our badge-wearing brothers and sisters are always willing to step in harm’s way to protect our loved ones is something we cannot compromise.

Yesterday, my District Director, Kellie Early, traveled to Leakey to present the family of Mimi Hardwick with a Resolution in her memory. Mimi was well known to the citizens of Real County as a vibrant lady who loved education, children, her Country and the great State of Texas. This is one of Kellie’s favorite responsibilities as our District Director and being joined by Real County Judge Bell Rubio, Mimi’s husband of 68 years, Jack, and the Hardwick children, made today very special.

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